This video viraled around the web this week, filled my heart, and lightened my feet. I have watched this little prez six times already tell me that we are on the same team, and I believe him. 

Why does his message work on social media? It’s optimistic and empowering. It’s hopeful and inciting. His call to action is simple: make the world awesome. 

When it comes to using social media for social causes, I think we need to take Kid President’s approach. Promoting awareness of the dark, discussing the dark, and campaigning against the dark is ultimately an attempt to make darkness go viral. As my friend Kid President showed me, though, we were meant to share light. This week I will be brainstorming how to bring this spirit of humor, affinity, and hope into the fight against human trafficking. In the meantime, let’s make everyday better for each other and dance! 

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